Revenue generation in a company crisis: an impossible endeavor?


In difficult situations, it is often challenging for companies to get to revenue levels and goals that were planned beforehand. Aspects of customer satisfaction and consistent quality control are sometimes not considered, until it is too late. Instead, the view is limited to sale numbers, especially to the current quarterly revenue. As an experienced business consultant, I can help in finding a way out of this crisis.


Which weaknesses in the company are to be avoided in a crisis situation?


Often, if a company finds itself in a challenging situation, the same mistakes are made over and over. For example, instead of viewing the overall situation, the focus shifts towards sales figures. Unfortunately, in this, a few important factors that play a crucial role in the sale of products are neglected. It is easy to overlook adherence to delivery dates, as well as quality assurance, or the optimal communication with the customer. Yet it is vital to be in control of all phases of the value chain.


Which factors are pivotal to manage revenue generation in a crisis?


Each of the individual fields in the picture must get enough attention in order to guarantee corporate success in a crisis situation, and in order to satisfy the customer. For, as a company, there is only one chance to convince the customers.


 The focus in a company may often be on sales, yet it is still important to consider all components in the outer circle that, in the end, lead to the optimization of the value chain. Altogether, the factors customer service, quality and delivery time are decisive factors for revenue.








Furthermore, how does the contractual anchorage of customer specifications lead to generation of revenue?


In my long-time professional experience in diverse industries, I frequently observed that customer wishes were not considered adequately enough. And yet, customer satisfaction and a good balance between customer wishes and continual cost control are the critical criteria that help provide a higher contribution margin and a lasting cooperation with the customer. Reduced revenue figures can frequently be traced back to a lack of clear definitions and arrangements in the contract, because finally, these lead to more expenses.


When establishing a contract, the following aspects are to be considered:

  • Are there special requests?
  • How is the order composed in detail?
  • Which factors does the customer value especially?
  • Can the delivery time be upheld unconditionally?


In conclusion, what must be considered in a crisis to still generate turnover growth?


To strengthen one's corporate reputation and one's own market positioning, customer satisfaction must be guaranteed first. With a successful implementation, turnover increase follows - the generation of revenue in crisis situations goes from being an impossible undertaking, to a matter of simply being disciplined enough to follow the right steps.






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