Business Consulting

Valuable solutions through business consulting


A cost efficient consultation service for your company can excel only through a diverse range of offers. As a business consultant I recognize which steps are substantial in the current situation and which methods of analysis should best be used to find the correct solution for your company, all in a timely fashion.


Analysis from the outside


In order to steer your company in the desired direction, you need a consultant that will stand by you in every stage of development, and will deliver strategic and efficient ideas.


A consultant that shows how the direction of a project can be implemented optimally.


A consultant that, with a view from the outside, independent of inner-company politics, delivers new solutions and through this, shows valuable opportunities to increase the company's profits.


I unite all of these aspects in business consulting due to my well-founded knowledge.


Expertise as a business consultant


As a consultant I rely on my contacts, negotiation skills, and knowledge of industry processes and support you in the realisation of necessary measures of change.


As an interface between companies and suppliers, I command a wide range of know-how in order to bring all agents to a consensus and as a result of this, to create a basis for the company's success. Problem-situations in the relationship can end up costing a lot of money. For this reason, I always act along the principle:
Think and act along the value chain!

An example:


I was supporting a customer in his business development for his product development. With a market- and cost-analysis we were quickly able to determine which product type is sought on the market and which measures are efficient in this respect. In this fashion, the marketing campaign was created, from the generation of a business plan up until the personnel acquisition.


The whole process was delivered with the following goals:

  •  energy use with a focus on sustainability
  •  efficient production with little investment
  •  clear calculation and organisation
  •  transparent communication between all project-participants


These factors, in the end, helped provide the company with a successful production of various product types and in accordance, with a noticeable gain of first costumers. With the motto “Everything is possible” I safely set up the groundwork for the manufacturing plant for the future.



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